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You need a styrofoam plate. and you need a good drawing from your cat. If you're not good at drawing, search on Google for a suitable animal. For example, if you enter zentangle cat, you will find many beautiful pictures. first I crochet a daisy flower, of course you can also crochet another flower. The following ateps are all crocheted from with the left side up, so the finished cat will be inverted .you crochet directly on the drawing,which is pinned to a styrofoam plate. See the following video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nc6ZWB6fBZE Make a long chain for the outline. I used Tulip yarn. You can also use cotton yarn Anchor size 6

I crocheted a magic ring with purple cotton yarn size 10 into the ring single crochets. Around it a circle of green tulip yarn half double crochets. Then with Tulip or Safir Lux the border in brown, single crochet stitches. Then I shimmy to any place on the back, make a few chain stitches and crochet a semicircle with purple. Then green and then brown. And again with chains to the next place. while doing so, you have to fix the semicircles on the outline chain and also fix the Daisy flower.

Now you crochet a Tunisian net from the back with very thin yarn about size 30 and thereby fix the daisy and the semicircles. On the side where you will attach the next stitches you have to create a straight finish, preferably with single crochet stitches

Now I have crocheted 3 single crochet stitches in violet and 3 in turquoise alternately into boxes with thick yarn Anchor size 6 and fixed them to the outline. still working from the back

Now you can choose any pattern, for example with puff stitches or alpine stitch etc. I took a multicolor yarn size 12

Now I have crocheted a triangle pattern in single crochets still with the left side up, using the yarn Egypto 16, which is very thin. You need to crochet a small neck where you will attach the head later on.

The legs step next step. First continue the square pattern with 3 sts in violet and 3 sts in turquoise. At the bottom of the Leg I simply made puff stitches. In order not to have to sew in so many tails, I simply brought the threads over with a couple of chain stitches. Then I detached the cat from the styrofoam plate. Photos 9 and 10 show the front. The following legs are crocheted in hand and not on the styrofoam board

The behind leg was crocheted with the so-called "Camel Stitch" or "Hump Stitch". Single crochet stitches are crocheted at the very back so that both loops of the stitch come forward nicely. You can find videos of this technique on YouTube. I used a slightly thicker yarn (Anchor 6) again. I crocheted the other leg in dark purple, whereby the kink is created by 3 single crochet stitches together. Then the whole thing is framed with single crochet stitches (tulip yarn) and decorated with the little stars. Unfortunately, I don't know what this technique is called. you just have to stitch the single crochets together into deeper rows by lengthening the threads . That is, you pierce to the right, pull the thread long; then lower right; then in the middle and then left again and then pull through all loops with single crochet. Then continue with single crochets and lengthening stitches. The claws are again puff stitches.

Now comes a slightly more difficult leg in green and yellow. I make a long chain and on the back row I make single crochet stitches with "DMC Babylo yarn size 10". Next step are semi-circular "buillons stitches". You attach "Anchor yarn size 6" with a slip stitch, then you wrap 7 times around the crochet hook, go to the third stitch to the left of the slip stitch and pull the thread through all loops. (There are numerous videos of the “Bullion Stitch” on YouTube.) Then you wrap 7 more times again, stitch into the same single crochet from previous roundand pull the thread through all the wraps again. You repeat this until you have a semicircle. Then I itach the last bullion with a slip stitch, make another slip stitch and start the same thing. Then you pick up the dark green "DMC yarn" and crochet two rows with single crochet and half double crochet stitches over the semicircles. For the 2nd row with yellow you have to get the yarn to the other side. I simply make chain stitches on the

I crocheted the head in rows. I started at the top with a long chain. I fix this chain with pins on my drawing from the head and work directly on my Styrofoam plate not in the hands. It is very important that you always keep the different colored yarn in order, otherwise everything will become knotted and you will end up with a thread chaos. For the color changes, you also have to make sure that the threads you carry land on the back and not on the front. I crocheted it with single crochetss on the styrofoam plate and pinned it. Finally I made the eyes separately and sewed them on. Then I crocheted the ears. It is good to keep a longer thread in the same color as the head for sewing we had onto the neck

Now all you have to do is sew the head on. Then the cat is donešŸ˜Š meow!


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